West Lane Outlaw Mixed Scratch Trio's
Tournament Summary
Mixed teams will consist of 1 Woman and 2 men.
The Mixed Scratch Trios tournament is OPEN to all bowlers.

$20 Mens Pot Games (Covers all 6 Games Pays)
$20 Womens Pot Games (Covers all 6 Games Pays)
$45 Team Pot Games (Covers all 6 Games)
$10 Mens High Series
$10 Womens High Series
$5 Mens Brackets. Brackets Run games 1-3 & 4-6
$5 Womens Brackets. Brackets Run games 1-3 & 4-6
$15 Team Brackets. Brackets Run games 2-4

The dress code is casual. Jeans and T-shirts are ok.

Cash only same day payout

Pattern: Modified House Pattern
Tournament Recap
Trios Tournament Ends Up Paying Half the Field

With only 8 teams in attendance, and a generous linage deal from West Lane we were able to start the tournament by paying 3 spots but by the end of the day we would end up paying 4 spots.

Team Marsiano with team mates of Diane Marsiano, Rodney Woodard, and Gary Lee rolled 3 700 series to roll into first place by 99 pins. Mostly on the strength of Diane?s 278, Rodney?s consistent day; Rodney?s low game was 222 and high game was 247, and Gary jumped out of the gate with a 279 game.

Team Woodard, Paige Woodard, Kioni Sodaria, and Benji Cavan maintained a steady pace in the last three games shooting 728, 678, and 729 to run from 7th after game three all the way to second place. Paige had a high game of 256, Kioni fired a 267, and Benji?s 268 in the last game secured them second place.

However as fine as those performances were the real drama came in game six, Team DiBenedetto overcame a 594 in game 2, and after game 5 were 40 pins out of third place. On the performance of Arnel Castrence rolling 258 and Jason Lindholm?s 267 in game 6, Team DiBenedetto scored 706 to put the pressure on Team Minor.

Team Minor, consisting of Kelli Minor, Kevin Mecham, and Glen Evans had a consistent day. Kevin rolled a 1427, which won him the men?s individual event, with a high game of 267 in the last game. Kelli had a high game of 236 in game three winning her the women?s side pot for that game. Finally, Glen powered off on the start of the day with a blistering 143, but redeemed himself with a 279 in game 5. Glen was in position at the end of the day to make or break his team. With Team Marsiano?s score already in the books, Glen left a ringing 10 on his first shot in the tenth ran it down and stuck on his fill ball to tie Team Marsiano. So?

After 6 bowlers, bowled 6 games, across 6 pairs on Sunday, after all the ringing 10s, solid 8?s and trip 4?s each team rolled a 3940 pin-fall total to split third place.

We paid out $1,605 in tournament winnings and $1,505 in Pot Games and Brackets.

3900 West Lane
Checkin At
12:00 pm
Bowl At
1:00 pm
Bowlers per Team
Number of Games
Entry Fee
$255 (85 per person)

  Bowler Series Over Average Amount
1 Marsiano/Lee/Woodard 4,110 +510 228.33 $795.00
2 Cavan/Sodaria/Woodard 4,011 +411 222.83 $510.00
3 Castrence/Lindholm/DiBenedetto 3,940 +340 218.89 $150.00
4 Evans/Kilmer/Mecham 3,940 +340 218.89 $150.00
5 Lew/Dyson/Simms 3,837 +237 213.17 $0.00
6 Sneed/Hilliard/Woodard 3,789 +189 210.50 $0.00
7 Mecham/Shene/Ascunsion 3,768 +168 209.33 $0.00
8 Regan/Horton/Goodchild 3,549 -51 197.17 $0.00
  Individual Average     1,289 +89 214.89  
  Team Average     3,868 +268 644.67