Central Solano USBC Masters Championship 6 Gamer
Tournament Summary
This is a Central Solano USBC event that 3Bowlers.com is help run the brackets and side pots.

$20 Singles Pot Games (Covers all 6 Games (Pays 1:8)
$10 6th Game Super Side Pot (Pays 1:10)
$5 Singles Brackets. Brackets Run games 1-3 & 4-6

Vacaville Honda has Sponsored $250.00 to the Prize Fund.

2012 Central Solano USBC Masters
24 bowlers paid 5 spot for $1,210
1st $450.00
2nd $350.00
3rd $200.00
4th $125.00
5th $85.00

2013 Central Solano USBC Masters
37 bowlers paid 7 spot for $1,730
1st $595.00
2nd $450.00
3rd $255.00
4th $170.00
5th $110.00
6th $85.00
7th $65.00

2014 Central Solano USBC Masters
67 bowlers paid 13 spot for $3,147
1st $765.00
2nd $565.00
3rd $365.00
4th $280.00
5th $225.00
6th $175.00
7th $155.00
8th $140.00
9th $125.00
10th $110.00
11th $95.00
12th $80
13th $67

6 Games at Stars Rec Center across 6 pairs of lanes with Step Ladder Finals. With a cashing ratio of 1:5.

The step ladder will be based upon the amount of cashers needed to create a typical step ladder format. (Ex: If there are 6 cashing spots it will be a 5 bowler traditional step ladder; if there are 3 cashers then it would be an 3 person step ladder, but no greater than a 5 person ladder.) The remaining cashers will be paid based on total six game pinfall.

Step Ladder Finals
The first match will be 4th vs. 5th (or the two lowest cashers) winner bowls 3rd, winner of that match bowls 2nd, and the winner of that match faces the tournament leader to bowl for the top cashing spot. (In case of a tie a one-ball roll off will determine the winner; if the bowlers are still tied after one ball then they will switch lanes until the tie is broken)

Lanes Rotation will be determined on the day of the tournament based on number of lanes in use.

Walk-ins are welcome.

Cash only as it is a same day Payout event.

Pattern: Stars Rec Center House Shot

For Questions and sign ups please contact Ken Manchester @ 707.448.4368
Tournament Recap

155 Browns Valley Pkwy
Checkin At
9:00 am
Bowl At
10:00 am
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