Granada Scratch Mixed Trio's Match Play 6 Gamer
Tournament Summary
The tournament will be match play with bonus pins. Teams will draw for lane assignments for the first match. For the next matches the team on the odd lane will move to the left and the team on the even pair will move to the right. Doing this should speed up the tournament. This will also help eliminate a team getting stuck bowling on the same pair multiple times or having to bowl the same team multiple times. The last game will be a position round. After game 5 all teams will turn in their recaps and we will assign lanes based on standings.
Teams will be limited to One (1) PBA member. In order to not be considered a PBA member you will have had to not been a member in the last year. Please do not sign up telling us you dropped your card last week. We will not accept the entry.

This is a match play event with 60 pins being added to the winning team’s score.
In the event of a tie the two teams will split the 60 pins, with 30 pins going to each team.

$20 Mens Pot Games (Covers all 6 Games Pays)
$20 Womens Pot Games (Covers all 6 Games Pays)
$45 Team Pot Games (Covers all 6 Games)
$10 Mens High Series
$10 Womens High Series
$5 Mens Brackets. Brackets Run games 1-3 & 4-6
$5 Womens Brackets. Brackets Run games 1-3 & 4-6
$15 Team Brackets. Brackets Run games 1-3 & 4-6

The dress code is casual. Jeans and T-shirts are ok.

Cash only same day payout.

Tournament Recap
This Tournament was cancelled

1620 Railroad Avenue
Checkin At
9:00 am
Bowl At
10:00 am
Bowlers per Team
Number of Games
Entry Fee

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