Brunswick - Twisted Fury Destruction
XLerated Pin Destructing Power. The Twisted Fury Destruction introduces Brunswick''''s new XLERATOR coverstock, combining length you can count on with the back-end reaction you crave to provide pin destructing power. Coverstock: The new XLerator coverstock has been formulated with two main goals in mind. First, to create length through the heads, both when they''''re fresh and after they''''ve broken down. Second, to create a strong angular move at the breakpoint in order to provide increased pin-carrying ball reaction. The XLerator coverstock succeeds at achieving both of these goals, giving you unparalleled reaction with a ball that gets to the spot and returns hard to the pocket. Core: Good coverstocks become great when paired with a core that accentuates their strengths. After testing a wide range of cores (both new and old designs) with the new XLerator coverstock, the core that gave the absolute best reaction was the Torsion Asymmetric Core. This core/coverstock combo make the Twisted Fury Destruction rev up hard and hug the lane without hooking early. The medium RG asymmetric design of the core then turns loose the power of the coverstock on the back-end, unleashing destructive force on the pins.

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Ball FinishRough Buff
CoverstockXLerator Reactive Pearl
Weight BlockTwo-component Asymmetrical
RG Min2.512
RG Max2.548
RG Average2.525
RG Diff0.036
ColorPacific Blue/Chrome
Best Lane ConditionMedium Dry to Medium Oily