Brunswick - Smash Zone
The Smash Zone integrates a pearlized version of Brunswick’s exciting EnMotion™coverstock with an updated version of the original Inferno™core and a high gloss polish finish. This combination creates an ultra-low RG symmetric core ball that gets through the front part of the lane then rev’s strongly to create excellent mid-lane recovery and a continuous back-end reaction. The Smash Zone uses a Pearlized version of the EnMotion coverstock. EnMotion combines the best elements from our PowerKoil™, Activator™and N’Control™coverstock systems. The Smash Zone unites EnMotion coverstock with an updated version of the original Inferno core that lowers the RGdiff to reduce problems with over flaring. Ultra-low-RG’s are known for strong mid-lane recovery moves and their controllable and continuous back-end hooking action, Brunswick has created a strong revving counterpart to the Twisted Fury that will match-up better on lane patterns that create excessive length or over/under reaction problems for higher RG balls.

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Ball FinishHigh Gloss Polish
CoverstockEnMotion Reactive Pearl
Weight BlockUpdated Inferno™core
RG Min-
RG Max-
RG Average2.511
RG Diff0.047
ColorBlack Pearl
Best Lane ConditionMedium Dry to Medium Oily