Columbia - Full Swing
The latest and greatest from Columbia 300. This ball is the first of its kind for Columbia 300 featuring our first mass bias core in the high performance category. The core, combined with our Full Tilt 5.0 shell will give every bowler an advantage on today’s lane conditions. This ball comes with another break from our past featuring the strongest core Columbia 300 has ever produced in the HP category. The core contains a modest .016 mass bias measurement that boasts a very strong .056 differential. The core alone will give consumers a breath of fresh air with all the help in terms of hook down lane but we are not done. Pair up that strong core with our new Full Tilt 5.0 cover and you have an amazing combination of hook for medium to heavy patterns. This ball is going to blend out the entire lane for everyone and people all of the world will be taking a Full Swing at any record that is left in the book. Not to mention they will be BOWLING THE WORLD OVER!

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Ball Finish4000 grit Abralon
CoverstockFull Tilt 5.0
Weight BlockMass Bias Full Swing Asymmetric
RG Min-
RG Max-
RG Average2.50
RG Diff0.056
Best Lane ConditionMedium to Heavy Oil