Brunswick - Red Zone
Get ready to score with the Brunswick Red Zone. Brunswick engineers have drawn up a new playmaker that offers control and explosive hitting power to tackle the toughest lane conditions. Put the new Red Zone on your team and reach your goal of more consistent scoring. The Red Zone is an upgrade to the popular Zone Classic. By eliminating the pearl from the Zone Classic and using a solid version of Activator coverstock, backend traction in carrydown is improved. The Red Zone delivers the utility of a highly polished ball with improved ability to handle oil down lane. Best suited for Medium-dry to Medium-oily lane conditions. The Red Zone retains the popular Activator ball reaction. Clean through the heads but with an early revving type of roll that promotes mid-lane recovery and a powerful but continuous breakpoint.

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Ball FinishHigh Gloss Polish
CoverstockActivator Reactive
Weight BlockTwo-component Asymmetrical core
RG Min2.474
RG Max2.522
RG Average
RG Diff0.048
ColorBlack Cherry Solid
Best Lane Conditionmedium-dry to medium-oily