Elite - R43
Weight Block - E.T.C. (Energy Transfer Core) The "heart" of the EliteR43 and EliteP43 is the E.T.C. - Energy Transfer Core. We designed our Energy Transfer Core to store energy until the moment it needs it most - entering the pins. By delaying the transfer of energy further down the lane our E.T.C. hits the pins with more momentum creating more pin action and higher scores. Cover Stock - Infinity and Infinity Plus The "brains" of the EliteR43 and EliteP43 is the Infinity (reactive) and the Infinity Plus (particle) cover stocks. The EliteR43 has the Infinity cover stock. The EliteR43 provides maximum back end reaction without the unpredictable snap some reactive balls give you. The EliteR43 can be used in light to heavy oil, depending on the surface of the cover stock. Highly polished for maximum length and maximum back end or sanded for maximum hook in heavy oil. The EliteP43 has the Infinity Plus cover stock. The Infinity Plus cover stock was designed with versatility in mind. The EliteP43 is designed for medium to heavy oil and will deliver a large sweeping hook. The cover is easily adjusted to match your game.

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Ball FinishPolished
Weight BlockE.T.C. (Energy Transfer Core)
RG Min2.500
RG Max2.543
RG Average-
RG Diff0.043
Best Lane ConditionMedium to Oily