Hammer - No Mercy
Hammer is very pleased to introduce the new Hammer Aggressive Reaction Technology (HART) core concept to the bowling industry. Developed by our team of design engineers, this radical new concept in bowling ball core design provides maximum performance without the need for exotic layouts and weightholes. It is that simple. Combining the new HART core concept and Violent Response Reactive coverstock gives the bowler more aggressive hook motion and improved hitting power. This unique core concept delivers aggressive backend reaction by placing the pin at 1:30 with the HART in the track (see Drilling #1). The No Mercy is very simple to drill. For layout purposes, please use the plastic bag as a template.

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Ball Finish
CoverstockViolent Response Reactive coverstock
Weight BlockHammer Aggressive Reaction Technology
RG Min-
RG Max-
RG Average2.50
RG Diff.050
Best Lane ConditionMedium to Heavy Oil