Brunswick - Avalanche Solid
Using proven core technology from the Teal Rhino Pro and some of Brunswick’s most well know coverstocks, the Avalanche delivers unprecedented value to the bowling customer. Core All Avalanche balls use the acclaimed Teal Rhino Pro light bulb core. The Teal Rhino Pro light bulb core and it’s Danger Zone modification have been at the heart of two of the most successful balls of all time. Coverstock The Avalanche Blue Solid – Red Solid uses PowrKoil 18 Reactive, probably the most successful reactive formulation in the bowling industry, to traction more in the oil and create a higher hook potential ball than the Avalanche Blue Pearl – Silver Pearl. Reaction Characteristics * Out of the Box: With its Rough Buff surface the Avalanche Blue/Red Solid with match-up well on medium-dry to medium oily lane conditions. * If your Avalanche Blue/Red Solid goes too long: Shiny surface finishes sometimes cause the ball to go too long before breaking. Dull the surface with progressively rougher abrasives to increase hooking action. * If your Avalanche Blue/Red Solid hooks too early: Polish the surface with Brunswick’s Factory Finish High Gloss Polish. If your Avalanche Blue/Red solid still hooks too early you will need to use a less aggressive ball, such as Brunswick’s Avalanche Blue Pearl / Silver Pearl.

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Ball FinishRough Buff
CoverstockPowerKoil 18 Solid
Weight BlockTeal Rhino Pro light bulb core
RG Min-
RG Max-
RG Average2.548
RG Diff0.024
Best Lane ConditionMedium-Dry to Medium-Oily