Storm - Natural
Being the leaders in high performance equipment, Storm is always looking for ways to make our line more complete. With the growing popularity of Sport Bowling and more challenging lane conditions, we saw a need to offer bowlers a ball to compete in those environments. Many of these patterns are shorter with less volume. Today’s modern reactive urethane bowling balls create a tremendous amount of friction with the lane surface, and many of these balls do not perform well on shorter, more challenging patterns. Our intent was to design a "pure" urethane coverstock with less surface friction for those challenging patterns along with a core combination that would complement. We developed the U2S™ coverstock, a second generation of U2000™. It enables one to get length with out the over-reaction that resin sometimes creates. Even though it’s made of a pure urethane material it’s dynamic enough to handle today’s lane conditioners. The Turbine™ core creates ample flare to ensure fresh coverstock is always touching the lane. This translates into additional friction to create ample entry angle, without generating an over/under reaction down lane. The Natural™ integrates classic reaction with today’s modern technology to deliver unbeatable performance.

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Ball Finish2000-grit Abralon®
CoverstockU2S™ Solid Urethane
Weight BlockTurbine™
RG Min-
RG Max-
RG Average2.55
RG Diff0.038
Best Lane Condition