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2014 is here! 3bowlers.com would like to welcome you to another year and we thank you for your continued support in our 10th year.

Although this will be a year based around a smaller number of tournaments; we still look forward to bringing the same quality tournaments with a few changes.

Looking ahead into the new year:
* We will no longer be sanctioning our tournaments, this way we don't have to limit the first place payout.
* Our cashing ratio will move to a 1:5 payout.
* We will pay out no more than 3 spots in high game side pots.

We look forward to bringing you competitive tournaments in 2014. If you are thinking of competing in a 3bowlers.com tournament for the first time, we run computerized brackets and side pots at every event. We appreciate your opinions; please feel free to contact us with your feedback (positive or constructive) @ 3Bowlers@gmail.com or send us a note on our Facebook page.

3bowlers.com will continue to NOT support USBC rule 400 for youth bowlers. Being former junior bowlers, we believe that youth bowlers should increase their skills through junior events and competitions. Therefore, we will NOT allow any USBC youth bowlers to participate in any event run by 3bowlers.com.

We wish everyone a successful and prosperous 2014!

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